Action Regulation

When the keys don’t play evenly or are too heavy, you can be discouraged from playing. By regulating the action, we help make your piano experience more inspiring.

What is Action Regulation?

Action regulation is the process of adjusting the approximately 8,000 parts of the piano’s action so they function as designed to give a pianist the maximum evenness, control, speed of repetition, and power the piano is capable of.

We’ve invested in state-of-the art equipment and software to aid in the process of delivering the most accurate and precise regulation to your piano’s action.

need Action Regulation?

Here is the Grandworks Regulation Station, which allows us to duplicate your piano’s keybed and string configuration in our workshop. This allows for faster, more accurate regulation than ever before.

Fandrich-Rhodes Weightbench System

The computer-assisted Fandrich-Rhodes Weightbench system allows for unprecedented accuracy in touchweight and inertia control for the smoothest, most even touch possible.

Before I moved to Seattle, Steve Brady was recommended to me by another well-respected technician some 3,000 miles away—his national reputation preceded him. I have entrusted my 1923 Mason & Hamlin to him ever since and cherished the results.  Steve’s rebuild of the action brought the feel of this piano to exactly where I wanted it to be, and a more recent reshaping of the hammers breathed new life into it again.

— Rachel Matthews, concert pianist and teacher


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