An uninspiring sound can ruin your enjoyment of your piano. With a beautifully voiced instrument, you’ll be inspired and enjoy playing more. We can help you bring your piano’s voice back to life.

What is Voicing?

Voicing, or tone regulation, is the pinnacle of the piano technician’s art. A piano’s soul is made evident in its unique sound, its ability to sing, the range of tone colors it can produce. Only a skilled, experienced technician is capable of finding the nuances of sound particular to each instrument and bringing them out for all to enjoy.

Does your piano need voicing?

Regarding the sound, Steve is an artist. He brings out tonal qualities that make me fall in love with my piano all over again each time he works on it. No matter how much use the instrument endures, he always maintains and enhances its sweetness and bell-like clarity. His work on my piano brings inspiration to my own.

— Rachel Matthews, concert pianist and teacher


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