You shouldn’t have to worry about how your piano will sound when you sit down to play. We take a holistic approach to your piano’s health so you can enjoy it more. Every tuning is a full-service tuning.

Our Tuning Services

For the first 20 years of Steve Brady’s career, he tuned solely by ear using a tuning fork to set the first string. He now has incorporated state-of-the art electronics as an adjunct to his ears. He feels that the combination of well-trained ears and sophisticated electronics results in the best tuning possible.

Rather than just performing a simple tuning at each home visit, we plan extra time for looking after the piano’s other needs, including minor repairs, such as fixing a broken string or hammer, cleaning the soundboard, refining the action regulation (touch), or voicing (tone quality), adjusting the pedals, etc., if these things can be done in a reasonable period of time.

Fees: In Seattle, $265 for Steve Brady, $225 for Skye Meadows. Fees are $10 to 20 more in near-outlying areas, including West Seattle due to the bridge closure.

How Often Should My Piano be Tuned?

Virtually all piano manufacturers recommend tuning 2-4 times a year. Here are service recommendations from various piano manufacturers.

Does your piano need tuning?

Steve Brady has consistently provided my piano with the highest level of care and attention to detail for over 10 years now. Whether it’s voicing, regulating the action, adjusting the sostenuto pedal, or finding the source of any extraneous noises in my old piano, Steve has always remedied the issue at hand. He has impeccable standards and has kept my piano sounding its absolute best throughout all of these years.

— Cristina Valdés, Artist-in-Residence (Piano), University of Washington School of Music


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